What Not to do Before Filing for Bankruptcy

After you’ve done your research about your financial situation and decided that filing for bankruptcy is the best course of action for you, it is important to remember that there’s more to the process than simply submitting the paperwork and showing up in court. There are, in fact, several things that you should not do before you file for bankruptcy (at least not shortly before). Don’t get a cash advance Deciding to max out your remaining credit simply because you plan to have the debt discharged will almost surely get your bankruptcy denied. In addition, filing for bankruptcy immediately after … Continue reading

Four Misconceptions about Filing for Bankruptcy

As with most relatively complex laws and legal procedures, there are a fair number of misconceptions floating around about filing for bankruptcy. Although your best bet will always be to discuss your specific case with a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer, the following are the top four myths that we routinely have to dispel. 1. I Need to Be Completely Broke to File Back in 1978, the bankruptcy laws were changed to allow a consumer to file before he actually lost everything, giving him a chance at a new start while drastically reducing the instances where public assistance was required following … Continue reading

Debt Settlement Options

When you are confronting a seemingly insuperable amount of debt, you should know that you have options. Bankruptcy is just one of a number of possible remedies that can help you manage your debt and achieve financial freedom. Debt consolidation plans and debt settlement programs are among the alternatives. Knowing your options is the first step toward finding your best course of action. What is Debt Consolidation? Debt consolidation companies will combine your debts, which allows you to make one monthly payment to that company instead of multiple payments to various creditors. But note that fewer debts does not necessarily … Continue reading

Benefits of hiring a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in California

If you have been struggling financially for some time now and do not anticipate your financial situation changing for the better any time soon, you may well want to consider hiring a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer in the form of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney or Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney as a way of eliminating a majority of your debt and getting back on your feet. While filing for bankruptcy may have socially negative connotations to many, the truth is that it is often a very positive and advantageous decision for those who are having trouble paying their bills, are … Continue reading