Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney Biography

Richard EisnerRichard Eisner is a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney and a writer. One of his recent writings is an essay titled Some Reasons Not to Use Drugs, designed to discourage young persons from using drugs. He is especially proud of that essay because (he likes to think) it combines his twin passions for writing and helping people. You are welcome to read the piece, which can be found at reasonsnottousedrugs.com.

Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney

Richard Eisner has been an attorney for thirty years. He became a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney out of his identification with and compassion for working people, whom he sees as being more and more at an unfair disadvantage, with the big corporations buying the politicians to pass laws that redistribute wealth upward, making the rich richer, and everyone else poorer. Fifteen years ago, he handled his own Los Angeles bankruptcy case, successfully obtaining a Chapter 7 discharge. Since then he has rebuilt his financial life, to the point where his FICO credit score is now 830. The experience of successfully obtaining his own Los Angeles Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge taught him the basics of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and started his career as a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney. His successfully going on from his bankruptcy taught him ways to help people rebuild their credit. And finally it taught him the important lesson that bankruptcy is nothing to be ashamed of, and in fact is often just what is needed in order to turn one’s life around.

One of Eisner’s proudest moments lately was, in the Van Nuys Superior Court, successfully defending a client against eviction. The plaintiff’s advocate was a highly experienced attorney specializing in representing landlords and banks as plaintiffs in eviction cases, an attorney used to winning. After the trial, the judge remarked to Attorney Eisner and his expert real estate witness that she (the judge) had learned something (from their defense of the case).